We are as beautiful as the sun and a dirty street. We are as beautiful as ragged pants and red lips. Dirty hair and abs. You are as beautiful as the stars in the sky and worms in the soil. Weeds are growing in your chest, and flowers in your filthy mouth. The rotting fruit, is as beautiful as you. With invisible hands to cover our eyes, beauty is everywhere, everywhere we look.
I am as beautiful as me. With my big nose and my dirty nails. I am beautiful as a dorky laugh, hairy legs and the smell of sweat. I have pimples on my face, which I with closed eyes can see is beautiful as the purest lake in the world. My pubic hair is as beautiful as weeds. I’m a tree, so beautiful like a broken branch. I wash my bare feet, with earth and mud. I cleanse myself with dirt. I paint my lips with a smile. And it is as beautiful as the ugliest painting in the world.
I have invisible hands, in front of my eyes. I see the beauty in me. 

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Marina Abramovic, Cleaning the Mirror I, 1995

honestly when i finally started to not hate my body i was like, yes! i finally figured it out, it’s going to finally be easy from here on out!! and it was for a while. but then you realize it doesn’t last forever and little things can send ya back so far so quick and you feel like a failure. i’m trying to be okay w/ the fact that sometimes it’s a daily battle, a weekly battle, or a monthly battle. loving yourself when the whole world tells ya not to is never gonna be easy but ya gotta try cause the good days are way worth all the days you spend in battle!! you are the only thing that’s gonna be there for your whole life so u should always fight for yourself and protect yourself like the babe that u are.

Twiggy is love.
Twiggy is life.

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what is your swedish blog?



Anonymous asked:

To be honest, the idea of nb people has always made me really uncomfortable, I guess it's because of how a lot of them behave?? Because your explanation made me smile and I just really love you and your outlook <3 So thanks for opening my mind a little more-- you're such a friendly and genuine person

I’m very glad for being able to help you with opening your mind a little more, dear friend! Thank you. :) <3

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Please never ever wear black dr martens with white shoelaces! :(

They are actually grey with glitter on them :) 

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Your camping trip looked amazing!

It was! xx


Two years ago today, Pussy Riot performed an anti-government protest song in a Moscow church. The rest is history.

Today was truly made of magic.